Manual + Project management additions

Unfolding finally has a manual inside of it. If you click help in the menubar you will now get a link taking you to the current build of the manual. This is the first draft so I have done the areas people struggle. I intend to fill out the rest of the manual. 

Unfolding now has a project manager that now allows you to collaborate with your players / friends. I made this tool for myself to make it easier to track what tasks I needed to work on but I found that other people will find this useful as well. 

You can find the project manager in the task

Contains Post it boards, anyone who is familiar with any agile management softwarea these days will see how familiar this looks. You can specify 

Contains a Wip Map where you can specify what areas you plan to make. If you specify an area on the cell map as wip then you have the option to load a wip. This is really useful for finding work todo if you are lost on what to do.

Some small fixes

- Unfolding does not resize anymore in windowed mode preventing mouse errors.

- Fixed the sprite flickering on a flat polygon landscape. 

- Disabled changing gun projectiles sprite due to mysterious error when referencing the parent window.

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Apr 28, 2021

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