Incremental & Crafting Build

- Cell Loader now has static stress on it

- Moved lights to the weather tab

- Added a Alt + Zoom key to allow toedit the entire scene at once

water now has more features such as the ability to customise the wave type as well as applying water flow to the water.

- Added a dynamic water placement allowing for the ability to move water levels in the cell.

- Polygons are now in game allowing the ability to make 4 polygon versions of statics

- Incrementals are now simplier and are now only 2 options to create one. Producers and the cost to create.

- Fixed a visual glitch with containers

- Player now spawns in the center of the cell instead of top left

- default water is now blue and transparent


UnfoldingEngine Incremental Build 325 MB
Jul 26, 2021

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