Scripting Language Nodes, 200% Gui Size increase, Item manipulation now in place

- Having items that are too heavy for the player now causes the player to become more and more encumbered

- Items now can use dialogues and be right clicked

- Item quantities can now be split by holding ctr

- Items can now specify how many of an object you want to destroy by right clicking

- Items can now be examined to see their stats / value / description.

- Incrementals now can specify how much items are collected instead of having all items at once as well as specify how much weight will come out of it.

- TeamQuest Project Manager now has its headings correctly going to the correct menu

- Dialogue now has if statements that allow you to build conditions for levels, item levels, attributes.

- Dialogue now has more effects that it can bring such as teleporting the player, spawning items or adding exp or stats.

- Menubar is now double the size allowing for icons to become more readable.

- Menubar now has more icons popout per category.

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Jan 20, 2022

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