The Rotating Statics Update + More Stable Build


Main feature is now you can add extra properties in your game by middle clicking a static in the static brush mode. After you place down a static middle click the static and you should get a window pop up that will allow you to add new properties. 


Fixed time being editable and settable in the main menu (in future builds probably will allow you to add in custom times / BC AD etc)

Made Menubar descriptions have the correct text / descriptions when the player hovers over it.

Volume now correctly saves the correct amount you last set it as, instead of setting it a default amount

Removed the ability to place down dynamic code, (Going to build a more intuitive scripted events system that incorporates the dialogue node based system)

Removed the ability to edit the day and night cycle due to the interface / system not being according to the design philosophy (may come back later in later builds)

Added the ability to add more properties to the statics, including swing, blendmodes, rotation, and alpha values, as well as now being able to change the colour after it has been placed.

Fixed crash when trying to add a sprites collision mask to a sprite pack.

Files 320 MB
May 09, 2021

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