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The Unfolding Engine: Paint a Game is a new paradigm of Open World 2.5D game making software. That allows you to make the content of your game while you are playing it! The entire software is designed around allowing you to make and share worlds, share tools, and levels. All in real time. Its streamlined to build bueatiful landscapes. One click 2.5D placement makes placing down parallaxes as easy as ever, to placing down Dialogue trees with visualisations that allow you to create complex dialogue systems. Place down sounds and create dynamic rich soundscapes. Place down platforms into the work and immediately jump onto or off them.

The Unfolding Engine provides all the assets needed to build all of the graphics and music you would need to be finally be able to build your openworld 2.5D dream game, and for those who are wanting more, the software allows for content to be added in easily.


  • One Click 2.5D Placement.
  • Open World Engine.
  • A Demo World including Developers Commentary. 
  • Lighting effects.
  • Dynamic Sound effects .
  • One Click Door pla[cement.
  • The Mossgrown Asset Kit containing an array of landscapes and vegetation.
  • Continual updates.
  • and much more

    Why Early Access?
    “Its because we need your help to make the best 2.5D engine possible.

    The Unfolding Engine is going to take a while to realise the vision of what it can be. As well as this we are wanting to build a community of people while the software is being developed to help it become as accessible to many people as possible. We want you to help us talk about what you would like from the program, what you don't like about it, what you want us to do more of, and what way would you like the community to be set up.

    Many programs release their programs too late without getting feedback from gamers, and as a result things that could of been corrected in a beta form could of been addressed before it was too late. That is why we are using a early access model. While glitches may be frustrating designing an engine around community feedback creates a program in the end that is far more to what people want then what we could make.”
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