Dynamic Actions update, you can now create scripted events

Dynamic Actions
- Added dynamic actions that allows you to set immersive reactive effects to the statics
- Added conditions to the dynamic actions that trigger how they trigger

Menubar and Gui
- Added many editmode hotkeys ie Ctr + 1-5 selects landscape tools other hotkeys are in the manual
- Added a quick freeroam feature that allows you to travel through objects
- Added a restart module under the load menubar
- in the static placer if you hold down ctr and scroll the mouse wheel you can scroll through various statics. Holding down shift instead and scrolling randomly goes through various statics.
- Added living smoke motif to the windows bar
- Added soft smooth transitions fading
- Menubar now has correct descriptions
- Made menubars transparent
- Menubar buttons are more round and transparent
- Horisontal scrollbars have the living smoke applied to it
- Opening the visual settings no longer causes the FPS to lock to 5fps
- Maps are now in the bottem left corner of the screen
- Lower taskbar now correctly displays the screen titles without overlapping
- lower taskbar can now rearrange windows or minimise them
- Text displays now have a curved outline

water update
- You can now go up and down in water by using the up and down keys
- water now kills you / other NPC again when you run out of breath
- fixed water not appearing if water reflections is turned on

Landscape tools
- Removed statics descriptions
- Static placer is now transparent allowing you to see whats underneath
- Landscape ceilings now push the player down


2021_06_01_Unfolding_Itchio_Build.zip 322 MB
Jun 01, 2021

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