Unfolding Engine : Now can produce standalone games

Unfolding Engine Update

  • You can now export your games to standalone. In the brushes tabs on the far right you will have the option to export your games module to third party websites such as Itch.io or Steam. Uses won't even need to have Unfolding Engine installed.
  • Music that is playing from one cell to another but has a different pitch will now slide to that pitch.
  • Fixed static placement placing in the wrong spot in windowed mode
  • Fixed camera placement increasing in size if the mouse hovered over them
  • Context menu now works with the new gui system
  • Setting weather to blank now correctly saves to blank
  • resources no longer need to held down in order to gather them
  • Fixed now playing appearing behind static files
  • Fixed items having a weird "A"
  • Updated the music player to have correctly sized fonts
  • Fixed multiple placement issues in windowed mode
  • Fixed dialogue placer having the sound placement in the wrong spot
  • Fixed stretching issues from going from fullscreen to windowed then to windowed again.
  • Fixed dialogue goto promp pointing the the dialogue it is going to without indicating where it is going to with the selection x/y
  • and many more misc improvements I missed to log. 


2021_03_30_UnfoldingEngineItchioBuild.zip 468 MB
Mar 30, 2021

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