Fixed Ice Platforming, Fullscreen support, + upcoming content, plus confessions

Added features

  • Added Fullscreen Support (Game now launches in fullscreen)
  •  Fixed script firing commands twice causing messages to only appear once, now is more stable
  • Removed Deskpop / Braingale bumpers
  • Platforming controls are more stable and not ice based.

These updates are for the window build, I'm setting up a mac export setup in my home and I will update the mac build soon. 

* bugs - text on side of screens will stretch out of place when camera is zoomed in / zoomed out

Why did it take so long?

I had lost the source code of what the game was like at release. The reason I lost it was because that code got rewritten as I made the Unfolding Engine. 

Once I had found the release source code I lacked the project management tools to be able to manage a game like Deios 2 : II and work out methods of debugging it. Since adopting SCRUM / AGILE / KANBAN I project managements. These days, I have 3 different back up systems. I use Git, Cloud based backup as well as physical. In the past I only used phyisical and even then it was rarely, having a thousand dollar game source on a PSP sd card is a terrible backup system.

I think part of this too is learning how to be a mature game developer. I started out Deios 2 as ambitious arrogant young adult. I didn't factor in ideas such as user experience or continual updates. Which is what is the main meat of what makes a game "good". I had ideas on what people would have enjoyed, however had no ideas how to implement what people were actually saying. There are many devs who blame their audience for not liking the game they make which is a total embarressment when the game itself is horrible. Working out ways to include peoples feedback into a project took me a long time and now Deios II is getting that treatment.

Path Ahead

I'm sorry it took this long to fix, I am in everyones debt for giving me the chance to try to make ambitious experimental games and I'm glad that enough users stayed to show that there is potential for games like these, you guys deserved fullscreen support from the get go. Working on the Unfolding Engine taught me so many good tricks to be able to have better platforming which I've implemented. So I will slowly be adding in new content to the game to make sure that everyone who supported me in the past continually gets a better experience with this game that they deserve. If you have any more features you want, I am in a good place for adding them in now. I'll be working on fixing the bugs that are in the game regardless and will soon post up the timeline of added content I want in the game.

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Apr 17, 2021

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