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Easy Parallax is designed to make 2.5D parallax effects easy and quick to make. One of the features users asked from Unfolding Engine on r/pixelart  was the ability to use its parallax tools in their gamedev and tools. Anyone who has designed such effects knows how much work it can take for getting the images in just the right spot but the effect is always worth it in the end.

It is designed to eliminate the need to hand code parallax effects for artists / designers. This is an example of how to use the export parallax module from the Unfolding Engine into a GMS:2 project from an exported .ini from the Unfolding Engine.

For a video on how the unfolding engine works


Create a world using statics in The Unfolding Engine: Paint a game (Steam) then export it as a .ini. Then open up the engine in GM_EasyParallax 2.5D to view the statics in the example.


Contains 2 sections in the project example:

  1. The Loader - which grabs the data from the file exported from the unfolding engine and applies it to the static file.
  2. The Static  - which contains the code for how the parallax works and renders it in the world.

Example game requires:

Limitations: For sprites a lookup table will be needed in order to assign it sprites. The example it just for showing how a system could be implemented in order to facilitate crossing over data to your game / tool.


UnfoldingEngine_ExternalParallaxLoader_Example.yyz 22 kB


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Love it!!! amazing!!! can it be used with unity?


It does! You need to create the scene in the Unfolding Engine. Then you can export the data of the information.  Then use the .xml / ini / json file to place down the statics. 

Great!!! Thanks!!!

yo im ur biggest longtime fan this rocks