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Wow, this looks amazing!

Hey, just bought the game for OS X. My System is pretty much up do date "High Sierra".

When I try to open the game, I get the error message "Can not open the program DEIOS"

Ok I fixed it. Simply open the terminal and type: 

chmod +x /Applications/

Hey I just bought this game on the Itch website, but it doesn't appear installable in the Itch app - the sidebar says "Bought 4 hours ago, Not available on Windows," is this because you're distributing using a RAR file? Can this be fixed?

Unfortunately so. I'll fix it up soon, I'm currently in GDC atm and I do not have access to my home computer. But as soon as I can I will allow it to work via the itch app.

In the meantimes the game can be manually downloaded via the website on the games page if you sign in your account. Thanks for finding this one for me, I didnt know about the app wasnt working and I'll fix it asap.

Thanks! Enjoy GDC!

In trying to open the .app on my (up-to-date, OS-wise) mac, I am getting an alert that the app "is not supported on this type of mac." I'm unable to run it.

could you take a screenshoot of the error message

Here it is!

im looking into it - haven't seen this one before.

Thanks! I have a PC also so it's not a huge problem for me-- I'll just play it on my other computer.

maybe it's a game maker issue? that doesn't support newer mac versions? I can try later tonight, I'm still on 10.11 i believe

Hey I fixed the problem, redownload the mac build and it should work.


Is this price tag a joke? Or is it legit? Cause this is impossible to buy!

it was a placeholder so I could share the finished work with a few of my friends while I get the media push ready, sorry for the confusion


that's a lot of dolars!

Very beautiful and incredible but also confusing.


Damn yea I see what you mean that was disappointing. I'll fix that area that you ended with up its way too fiddly.


I really enjoyed your journey. Looks like a very fun game. The last scene might have been a goal target for the ball on the right side? The white net thingy? It also sounded rewarding whenever the ball got it way to the target.

Great job! Downloading!:)

I've just discovered this, thinking about buying the first game so I don't miss out on any story.

Talk to me! : )

now yr thinking with deitys

shaping up really well!! the super extreme horizontal inertia puts me off though

Im not sure what you mean

like do you mean inertia as in the really close parrallax?

oh right the movement system, yea that could do with some work