New Stages, New Filter Options, Save / Loading Fixed

Hell everyone, sorry for the delay in updates. I've had some emotional issues I had to work through that I succeeded in overcoming as well as freelance work that took up my time.

I've added the following content into the game...

  • New boss called the devils devourer which features new scenes and interactable content.
  • New Arena Mode that has multiple rounds of waves to fight in the later game.
  • Players can now trigger the filter on and off, and are given a choice at the start of the game.
  • Audio can now be turned up and down at the start of the game.
  • Stage Select that shows the new character portraits of whats to come. In the future I hope to have all of the stages done. For now its just the one boss: Devil Devourer.
  • Bosses no longer get stuck in side of the screen.

As always if you have any ideas on what to add let me know. I have added in many features that were suggested as well as fixed the bugs.

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