Build 0.02

New features added for build 0.02

*Weather is now in game, which goes through variations of weather effects. Might be able to do tricky things like mix weathers together.

*Paint program is now in place

*Added higher quality grited (Grunge sprite) textures into the game.

*Added multiple light effects to show them off

*added music to the game, with auto fade in - fade out

*Fixed up an error which cause not dialogue markers to save.

*got laptop fixed swapped to

*wrote some music

*added camera work to the game

*remade many of the assets

*got descriptions showing on statics when clicked on

*added static sounds

*added typing sounds

*made water react to

Addressing user feedback...

- "I'd love to experiment with the pixel art tool kit that was on TIG, pretty please?" -  Trent Holbrook

paint program is now in built to the system.

"the 'edit' feature wasn't working for me for the stages. one when i died, the 'respon' box would not 'x' out and for some reason" - Chris

Added the edit feature to work now, and the respawn now works correctly

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Nov 27, 2017

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